EMMETT Technique

What is The EMMETT Technique?

ITB_bunt copyThe EMMETT Technique is a muscle release therapy which is used to address issues of pain and dysfunction. It is non invasive, and does not involve any massage oils, drugs, manipulations or high velocity thrusts.
Developed by Ross Emmett, EMMETT Technique uses a combination of gentle switches and direct pressure to unlock muscle memory, release specific muscle groups, and allow the body to return to a state of balance.The results are often dramatic and can be instantaneous.The EMMETT Technique can be used to address pain and discomfort and improve movement restrictions. The Technique is especially useful in cases where there is tension in areas such as the neck, shoulder and back. It is an efficient and effective therapy an can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with other bodywork techniques to greatly enhance their effectiveness.

What does a treatment involve?

Ill_Psoas_buntA full case history of personal details including past and present health problems will be taken, along with observations about your posture and body alignment.

The treatment is carried out usually on a therapy couch, or sitting or standing, this may vary depending upon your complaint. The treatment can be performed through light clothing or directly onto the skin. It involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points on the body. These points are know as ‘Emmett Points’ and are not the same as traditional ‘Trigger Points’ or ‘Acupressure Points’

Most people find the treatment very relaxing and enjoyable.